Clix, Chap, Bugha, BallaTW, and many other pros and commentators react to the ban of four Fortnite pros following FNCS cheating allegations.

This weekend, we saw the first official week of the Fortnite Champion Series kick-off. There was a ton of controversy in the NA-East region, where the top-two duos received a 60-day ban for ‘teaming’ with one another.


If you missed it, the summary is that the teams of Kreo/Bucke and Slakes/Keys purposely used one another to avoid storm surge before ignoring the other team and letting them get to full shields.

Interestingly, fellow pros Chap and Tfue predicted that something like this would happen while watching the finals. “I feel like if anyone’s colluding, it’s Slurpy teams,” Chap began. “It’s collusion central.”

“Ya, everyone that lands at Slurpy pretty much cheats, so,” Tfue agreed. Both pros recognized that the number of natural shields lends itself to some free storm surge tags.

Chap watched the video on-stream and laughed at how “blatant” the cheating was. “They target swapped,” he told his viewers. “Kreo would break one’s shield and then switch to the other.”

He later tweeted, “I still think you should be banned for life when caught cheating in any tournament for money.” On-stream, Chap admitted that he liked Kreo and Bucke, but that there was no excuse for what they did.

On Twitter, most of the Fortnite pros backed Epic Games on their no-nonsense decision making. Bizzle was one of the first popular pros to tweet-out the original video, exposing the four players for colluding.

When it hit the fan, Bizzle defended himself against people who were “hating” on him for sharing the video. “I’m not the one who cheated,” he wrote.

“The video was already on Twitter before I reposted. I had nothing wrong with Kreo/Bucke Keys/Slackes in the past but they cheated and got caught. They’re both good duos and could of [sp] done fine without colluding for Storm Surge.”

Not everyone was on the side of the ban, however. High-profile Fortnite pros like Clix and Bugha came to their defense, both on Twitter and on stream.

Clix tweeted that Epic should’ve investigated the allegations before issuing such a harsh ban.

“I don’t feel like epic should’ve acted this fast, I feel like they didn’t have a chance to even defend themselves. This 60-day ban is life-changing for all of them. None of them are gonna be signed again, and there [sp] missing a whole FNCS. 60-day ban was not necessary whatsoever,” he wrote.

Kreo loaded up his stream after the whole thing went down. He and Bucke were in a call with World Cup winner Bugha, who was offering them support as they dealt with the news.

“It’s 60 days, it’s not your life,” Bugha told the two pros when Kreo mentioned going back to school. Kreo lost his contract with Luminocity Gaming last year when he was accused of scamming other players.

(3:10 for mobile viewers)

BallaTW, one of the most influential voices in the Fortnite community, expressed that he didn’t think a ban was necessary. This was before the 60-day ruling came down.

In the replies, he admitted that he understood why Epic made the decision that they did.

Ronaldo, of XXiF and Ronaldo, got in on the action with a joke at his own expense. “What can I say? They learned from the best,” he tweeted.

Avery and his teammate, HazThaGreat, ended up placing first by default after the bans went through. “1st place I guess not really proud of the way we got it,” he wrote on Twitter.

This is going to hurt the four pros affected by the ban, but as Bugha said, 60 days is not a lifetime. The four of them are all young and can come back and compete when their ban is lifted.

Until then, they’ll likely have to serve their suspension while playing public matches if they can’t get invited to scrimmages. They may fall off a bit, but it’s not the end of the world for them – even if it feels like it is.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.