Ever wonder where the dances in the Fortnite Emotes originated from? Quite a few come from popular rappers who aren’t so happy about the situation…

The most recent occurrence comes from rapper 2 Milly who claims that Epic Games used his Milly Rock dance without permission for the Swipe It emote.

Everybody was just like, ‘Yo, your dance is in the game.

They actually sell that particular move. It’s for purchase, That’s when I really was like … oh nah, this can’t go on too long.

I don’t even want to bash them for all the millions, Know what I am saying? It’s not really like that. I just feel like I have to protect what’s mine.

Check out both the Milly Rock dance and Swipe It Emote below. 2 Milly has stated that he is interested in suing but no confirmations are cases have been made at the time of writing.

However, 2 Milly isn’t the only rapper to call out their dance’s likeliness being used in-game.

Blocboy JB also took to Twitter to give his thoughts on Epic Games using his Shoot dance for the Hype Emote from the Season 4 Battle Pass. He had this to say on Twitter…

EveryTime Somebody Does My Dance Dey Give Credit To @FortniteGame But Dey Ain’t Create Nothing But Da Game So Basically Dey Takin Money And Credit For My Shit Dats Crazy

Dey Love Our Culture But Hate Our Color

Last but not least, Chance The Rapper took to Twitter this summer also voicing his concerns.

Fortnite should put the actual rap songs behind the dances that make so much money as Emotes. Black creatives created and popularized these dances but never monetized them. Imagine the money people are spending on these Emotes being shared with the artists that made them

I also would just rather watch them dance to a real song lol

What are your thoughts on this situation? Is it as big of a deal as the artists are making it, do they have grounds to sue? Let us know what you think.

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