A fan-made concept would add two new pickaxes to the game as Food Fight rewards.

Food Fight is an LTM in Fortnite that tasked players with protecting the Durr Burger mascot or Tomato Town/Temple mascot from the enemy while also eliminating the opponent.

A fan on Reddit suggested that when the event does come back it could potentially feature some rewards that would allow players to earn a pickaxe.

Players would vote on a team which would then provide them with challenges.

Food Fight Rewards Concept
Via Reddit

The concept was created by Reddit user Bistratus and he even went as far as designing how the pickaxes would look in the game.

Some examples of challenges that were laid out are playing a certain number of matches or win a match of Food Fight with a certain percentage of health remaining on your mascot.

While there are a lot of players who enjoy the Food Fight LTM, there are also some players who would rather avoid it.

By adding rewards it could help incentivize playing the mode and help build some more interest in it.

What do you think? Would you like to see these rewards come to Food Fight? Let us know!

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