Caesar ‘CDNthe3rd’ Noriega was playing a round of Trios when he was in a 1v1 situation at Loot Lake when he was able to pull off an amazingly accurate Heavy Sniper shot to secure the win.

Fortnite Battle Royale Season X seemingly kicked off without a hitch until players discovered BRUTE mechs were added into the game.

The entire community has had so many negative things to say that the recent content patch has gone on to be the least-liked update according to this fan-made graph.

Despite Fortnite’s low morale, personalities are still continuing on by playing and streaming their matches.

On August 7, CDNthe3rd was playing alongside Brett ‘Dark’ Hoffman and Team SoloMid’s Jimmy ‘HighDistortion’ in a match of Trios when Ceez was left against one other player.

Is CDNthe3rd’s snipe the best of Season X so far?

With his back against the storm, CDNthe3rd was forced to push into Loot Lake with the circle inconveniently moving over a huge boulder while he had no more materials to build.

Dark can be heard in the background yelling, “Not like this!”, seemingly pointing to a grave ending for his teammate.

CDNthe3rd just had the most wild match ending I have ever seen from r/FortNiteBR

As the enemy tried to hold the high ground and build over the boulder, Ceez pulled back into the storm to line up for one final shot before he would meet his fate.

His entire team roared in celebration as he landed the Heavy Sniper shot for 150 damage and secured the Victory Royale.

Will Epic remove the BRUTE mech?

The majority of the Fortnite community has not been impressed with the recent addition of the weaponized vehicle mech especially since they are virtually impossible to fight against.

IMG: Epic Games

Epic has hinted that a nerf or possible vault is coming for the BRUTE, but there has been no official confirmation.

Until something happens, we just have to sit back and hope one won’t come across and squish us back to the lobby.