The Cattus monster in Fortnite hasn’t been spotted for many weeks since it escaped Polar Peak and reared its back from the waters around the island. The creature has now reappeared as the countdown to the Mech vs. Monster dwindles downwards.

Fortnite’s Season ending Mech vs. Monster event is quickly coming up on July 20th. Details on the event have been hidden carefully by Epic, but the general premise involves Pressure Plant’s Giant Robot and the Cattus monster.

The Cattus monster took a deep dive in the ocean after it escaped from the icy Polar Peak prison. Now, we’ve caught a second glimpse as it begins its strike on our beloved virtual home.

Cattus spotted swimming around Fortnite island

Event Timer image captured on July 15

Season end events have a special energy to them. They bring out everybody from the casual gamers to the competitive soccer skins. Nobody wants to miss what Epic has been working on for 10 weeks straight. We’ll be there on the frontlines too when the event goes live.

We last saw the Cattus monster earlier in Season 9 when it showed us its back. The creature was swimming around the island and Polar Peak’s missing tower was atop its spine.

Now, an eagle-eyed player has spotted the Cattus’ return. User ‘Masturbane’ of the FortniteBR subreddit saw something peculiar floating in the seas off of the desert coast. Imminent landfall detected!

As previously seen in Season 9, we can’t see 95% of the monster’s body. In fact, even the back is mostly obscured by the Polar Peak tower. The size of the creature is absolutely titanic as it can easily carry around one of Fortnite’s most massive structures.

While the video doesn’t give us any new, impactful information, it might be a first step for event sneak peaks. Epic loves to tease players with tiny clues and images that help build the hype for coming events. We’re all for that as we love getting hyped up for Fortnite. Hopefully, the event lives up to its promise like the Unvaulting event.

How’s the ‘Doggus’ Robot coming along?

Almost ready to fight against the Cattus!

The mech assigned to fight the Cattus is known as the Doggus (internal code names for Epic Games). This giant robot is being built up within Pressure Plant and we’ve seen it evolve from nothing into an unrivaled (yet still headless) fighting machine.

Only a few pieces are left to install and then the fighting is set to begin. We’ve yet to see any major leaks regarding the battle.

As for changes coming from the result of the destructive, map-changing war of giants, we can’t honestly speculate too much. Of course, Epic will knock down at least one fan-favorite locale and perhaps we’ll even see an old location return. Perhaps the Cattus will breathe fire and melt away the ice trapping our long-lost Greasy Grove!

Epic Games has stated that they will not make major changes to Fortnite within two weeks of a major esports event. They’ve not been 100% faithful to this policy, but we wouldn’t expect them to destroy large chunks of the map right before the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

This means the event will either be quite tame in terms of lasting impact OR we might see the Finals use an older version of the map.

What do you think will happen in the Mech vs. Monster event? It’s hard to say what Epic’s planning without leaks, but it’ll be something no one should miss no matter what. Mark July 20th on your calendars and make sure to clear your schedule for this unforgettable day.

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