Fortnite Patch v6.31 added an Iceberg off the south coast of the Fortnite map, situated atop the Iceberg is a Castle. As the iceberg comes closer and closer, the castle lights have turned on.

In case you missed it (somehow), a snow storm can be spotted in the distant ocean near Flush Factory. Each day the storm moves closer, positioned within the storm is an iceberg, sitting on top of the iceberg is a Castle.

The iceberg wont be accesible this season cause you cant collide with it. HUGE thanks to u/aprotis for the method on getting here! from r/FortNiteBR

Recently the lights within the castle appear to have turned on, likely to signify progress is being made in this passive event.

The purpose behind the snow storm, iceberg, and castle are not yet known. Many players are speculating that the iceberg will collide with the island and add on to the existing map. Others feel that this signifies an incoming snow storm.

via FortTory

Epic Games have yet to announce any sort of in-game event for Season 7, nor have the official teasers began. Stay tuned.

What are your thoughts on the snow storm, iceberg, and castle? Do you feel that the map will be snow-themed for Season 7, or possibly just until the new year? Let us know!