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Meet The Final Hoss, the captain of Upstream Legends and creator of fish puns



If you spend time on Fortnite Twitter, you have probably seen The Final Hoss’ unique fishstick designs for various streamers.

This is part of our new series where we interview the creative members of the Fortnite community who make the concepts and designs that make this community so special. For part one, read up on Easkate – the UI designer who perfectly matches Fortnite’s art style.

He has had his #UpstreamLegends designs picked up by Ninja, Dr. Lupo, Timthetatman, SypherPK and more. The unique aspect of the work combined with the attention to detail in logos and teasers has made him one of the most popular Fortnite concept artists in the scene.

We interviewed him about his designs, where they came from and what’s next for him in the future. He also promised to tease his next design in the comments to this post.

Interview With The Final Hoss

Q: Where did the inspiration for Upstream Legends come from?

A: One day the name “Dr. Fishrespect” popped into my head. I was in the middle of a similar campaign of posts at the time (SypherPK Battlepass) so sat on the idea for a few weeks & continued to laugh out loud at when visualizing how ridiculous Dr Fishrespect could be.”

As soon as that campaign wrapped, Dr. Fishrespect was the first thing I wanted to make. The community had a decent response so I thought there might be something to this. A day or two later Fishstick appeared in the Item shop & the first comment I saw below fortnite’s itemshop post that night was from HighDistortion saying something like “use code HD and ill finally by this dumb fish.”

That’s when “HighFishtortion” popped into my head & I laughed so hard I abandoned another concept I was doing to make Jimmy into a fish, create the Upstream Legends logo & the rest is fishetory.”

Going back to the beginning of the series you can see how much his popularity – and fish puns – have grown over the campaign:

Q: What was your first reaction when you saw they got picked up by Ninja and some other huge streamers?

A: The morning that Tim, Ninja & Lupo all discovered Tim the Troutman, Ninja & Dr. Blupo on twitter I couldn’t believe it. It became really surfreel when I jumped on twitch and they were actually giggling about the their ploppleanglers. Dr. Lupo is the Dad joke God so having these guys laugh at of the concepts reely gassed up U.S.S. Legends for the journey ahead.

From that point streamers started paying attention. Some would ask if they could get one coming up and most would reply when their design went live.

Starting with just a couple hundred followers, The Final Hoss timeline started going crazy as he quickly added 3,000 new followers.

Q: What is the design process? How do they start, what tools do you use to create them, how do you come up with so many great fish puns, etc?

A: “I’ll usually start with some really simple sketches to start to try and come up with ways to bring the streamers quirks to life. Once that’s on paper, I use a combo of Blender, Photoshop, & After Effects to experiment with the concept until I feel like its decent enough for the community to understand it.”

There’s been so many concepts – it’s been important to work quickly and be flexible to pivot when needed. At this point I think my brain just processes my thoughts as fish puns… but If the content isn’t punny enough, Ill check some rhymezone and word association lists for inspiration. The community has also been krilling it suggestfins. 72 Flounders (72 hours) was one that someone said very early on that I had me dead.”

Q: The Legends are almost done with the second group. Are you going to keep doing them or turn your attention to something else?

A: Creating the Upstream Legends been a long, amazing voyage & I’ve loved how the SeaSports Community has climbed aboard… but I’ll have to leave everyone in seaspence for now. We’ll have to see where the waves take us, but we all know that there’s always more fish in the sea.

After creating 32 different streamers as fish, it is probably a good time to take a break. Otherwise his brain may permanently start speaking in fish puns.

Q: Who do you have on deck? Mind sharing your next teaser with us?

A: I think the SeaSports Community will be excited about the next legend- It’s one that everybody nose, and seems has been seaquesting for a few weeks now… I’ll drop the teaser in the comments below!


Fortnite Concept Royale adds community-made skins to the game

Fortnite Concept Royale is a new competition with two first place winners getting their original skin concepts immortalized in-game.



fortnite concept royale winter skin designs

The Fortnite Concept Royale is a new competition from Epic Games that promises to add two community-made skins to the game this Winter.

Fortnite has thousands of cosmetic items that players can customize their characters with. From outfits to Back Blings, pickaxes to gliders, the number of style combinations is seemingly endless. For some players, it is their dream to have their own skin concepts brought to life inside of Fortnite.

Some lucky fans have had the honor of having their concepts immortalized in-game already. To see all of the community made concepts already in Fortnite, check out Fortnite Intel’s official list. Some skin designers have had multiple skins put into the game, but now it’s time for new designers to show off their skills.

fortnite community made skins

Concept Royale brings your art to life

Fortnite Concept Royale was announced and starts today, June 15. Epic Games stated, “Send us your most festive, frosty, and fun designs to bundle up in this holiday season.” Players are to design and submit their one original Winter-themed Fortnite skins on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ConceptRoyaleContest. These submissions need to be made by 11:59 p.m. EST on July 11.

Epic Games will then pick two winners who will have their concepts brought to life as actual skins in Fortnite. The winners will also receive $2,500 each. The winning skins will make their Fortnite debut this December during Fortnite’s Winter 2021 event.

Participants must be at least 13 years old. All Fortnite Concept Royale entries must be submitted during the contest period. Entrants are limited to one contest entry. This means contestants will need to submit their best skin concept as they can’t submit multiple skins. There is no restriction on the medium used to design a character as long as a digital photo is uploaded to either Twitter or Instagram.

If you’ve been wishing to have one of your skin designs in Fortnite, now is your chance. Get to drawing, sculpting, or rendering and post your imaginative designs with the #ConceptRoyaleContest. If you aren’t interested in designing skins, visit the hashtag and show some love to your favorite designs.

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Every community-made Fortnite skin that made it into the game



fortnite community made skins

The Fortnite community has grown to house a number of creative subcommunities from map makers to concept artists. Some community-made Fortnite skin concepts are so good, Epic Games couldn’t help but put them in the game.

Of the hundreds of skins that are in Fortnite, over 20 of them originated from a design made by a fan of the game. These outfits aren’t like the Icon Series which are made to look like a certain personality. Instead, the designer is credited with the creation of the skin and their work is shared on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Fortnite concept artists are found all over the internet from Reddit to Twitter to Instagram. And community-made Fortnite skins have been trickling into the game over the seasons. With a recent survey revealing more community-made skins that Epic Games is considering, it seems this trend is one Fortnite is going to continue.

Aura & Guild – Fantasyfull

Aura Guild Skin Concept

Perhaps two of the most iconic skins in Fortnite, Aura and Guild were both concept skins created by Reddit user Fantasyfull. Guild isn’t as frequently used as his counterpart, but Aura is known to be one of the sweatiest skins in Fortnite. They also have a winter variant also designed by Fantasyfull.

Boxer & Boxy – Sharktoofs

Boxy Boxer skin concept

Boxer and Boxy belong to the Cardboard Crew set, and they were both designed by Reddit user Sharktoofs. They were also given a Scare Package variant to celebrate the 2020 Fortnitemares event.

Britestorm Bomber – SweetRabbitFN

britestorm bomber skin concept

Britestorm Bomber is a community-made take on the Brite Bomber skin from Chapter 1. This skin was designed by SweetRabbitFN on Twitter and comes with a dark Cloudburst Bomber variant.

Comfy Chopms & Cozy Chomps – Sharktoofs

cozy comfy chomps skin concept

Another concept designed by Sharktoofs, the Comfy/Cozy Chomps skins are part of the Feeding Frenzy set. These two outfits feature both a male and a female character wearing full-body shark pajamas.

Dark Rex – Nollobandz

dark rex skin concept

Dark Rex is a dark variant of the Rex skin, but is sold as a separate skin. This corrupted take on a prehistoric classic was created by Reddit user Nollobandz.

Eco – Nollobandz

eco fortnite skin concept

Another concept skin created by Nollobands, Eco’s entire body features easter eggs relating to the Season 1 map.

Etheria – Aestheticdemon

etheria fortnite concept skin

Etheria is one of the latest community-made concept skins to make it into Fortnite. Twitter user Aestheticdemon‘s Etheria concept was introduced in Chapter 2 Season 6.

Isabelle – D3NNI_YT

Isabelle fortnite skin concept

Isabelle is one of the concept skins made by Twitter user D3NNI_YT. This skin is part of the Oakwitch Academy set and comes with four different style variants.

Lyra – Nollobandz

Lyra Fortnite Skin Concept

A skin that has yet to be released, Lyra is another concept created by Nollobandz. She resembles a 21st century Medusa and is part of a real-money purchasable pack. She also comes with her own set of quests.

Marigold – Kitsunexkitsu

Marigold fortnite skin concept

Marigold is the female counterpart to the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 level 100 skin Midas. This community-made Fortnite skin was created by Twitter user Kitsunexkitsu and was sold as a real-money bundle with her own set of challenges.

Marius – Easkateconcepts

Marius Fortnite skin concept

Marius is a double-agent that works for both Team Ghost and Team Shadow, the two teams introduced in Chapter 2 Season 2. As such, the skins created by Easkateconcepts come with a black and a white variant.

Meowscles – Rexsadio

meowscles fortnite skin concept

Meowscles is a fan-favorite skin from Chapter 2 Season 2, and was a long time coming. A small headshot of Meowscles appeared in a loading screen in Chapter 1 Season 7, and Reddit user Rexsadio developed a skin concept from the headshot. The concept was then turned into the buff cat we know and love today.

Mystify – Jazzibean

Mystify fortnite concept skin

Mystify is the female counterpart to Cryptic. Both are reskins of Teknique and Abstrakt which were introduced as a part of the Chapter 1 Season 4 Battle Pass. Mystify’s concept art was created by former Reddit user JazziBean.

Patch – BeefSans

Patch forntite skin

The pumpkin-wearing female skin Patch debuted during the Fortnitemares event in 2020. Patch was designed by former Twitter user BeefSans.

Pinkie – Fantasyfull

Pinkie fortnite skin concept

Pinkie is another concept skin made by the creator of Aura and Guild. Fantasyfull’s design was debuted around Valentine’s Day 2020.

Rapscallion & Scoundrel – Rexsadio

rapscallion and scoundrel skin concept

Another skin duo designed by Rexsadio, the Rapscallion and Scoundrel outfits are part of the Jailbird set. Introduced in Chapter 1 Season 4, this pair is one of the oldest community-made concepts to make it into Fortnite.

Snowbell – D3NNI_YT

Snowbell fortnite skin concept

D3NNI_YT’s first concept skin made it into Fortnite earlier this year. Snowbell is a holiday-themed outfit that acts as the female counterpart to the Codename E.L.F skin.

Tender Defender – Tfoust10’s son

tender defender concept art

Tender Defender is one of the most ludicrous skins in Fortnite, and that’s because it was designed by an 8-year-old. Reddit user Tfoust10’s son requested that he post the artwork on Reddit in hopes of it getting in the game. To his surprise, it actually worked.

Tomatohead – Tursuboi

Tomatohead skin concept

Tomatohead is an iconic community-made Fortnite skin for many reasons, but mainly because of his frequent appearances in Fortnite promotional art. The concept art for this skin was posted to Reddit by user Tursuboi roughly three months before its appearance in-game.

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Brilliant Fortnite concept brings back the Rift-To-Go in a unique way

With the rumored return of the Rift-To-Go, this concept fits the current Fortnite chapter, perfectly.



Fortnite Rift-To-Go concept

Rifts are appearing more and more frequently around the map in Chapter 2 Season 4. The beginning of the season featured no rifts, but that number has now grown to the double-digits after the introduction of Marvel POIs and the implementation of Fortnitemares.

It seems like rifts are, slowly but surely, making their way back into the Fortnite meta. This could usher-in a fan-favorite returning item in the Rift-To-Go, which most fans would love to see in the game.

The Rift-To-Go was the Ace-in-the-hole during a Fortnite battle. In over you head? No problem, just hit the Rift-To-Go and reposition yourself. In competitive play, the Rift-To-Go was a must-carry for rotational purposes. All around, it was one of the best mobility items in Fortnite and few players would have anything bad to say about it.

We think that a return of the Rift-To-Go is more than likely in the near future, but Epic have an opportunity to but a Cheaper 2 spin on the classic item, What if you could catch a Rift in the same way that you catch Fireflies? That’s what Reddit user u/Star_Wyse is proposing.

With Chapter 2’s implementation of foraged items, Epic allowed players to pick up Mushrooms, Apples, and more to save them for later. A similar mechanic for Rifts would make a lot of sense.

Credit: u/Star_Wyse

Most of the Fortnite concepts that we see are far-fetched or too good to be true. This one isn’t and seems to fit exactly in-line with what Epic have been doing, lately.

Will the Rift-To-Go return for Fortnite Season 5? Only time will tell. If it does, we hope to see some mechanic like this play a role in its return.

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