Banners are one of the least popular additions to Fortnite Battle Royale as they just don’t add much to the game.

You can see them in the lobby, on the pause screen while playing with a party or during that one challenge on the mountain.

That’s about it. Although there are some featured uses of the banner in Save the World, all-in-all the banners have been pretty underwhelming.

This concept would give them a lot more life. It would take the customization of a banner and have it pop up on the opponents screen whenever you killed them.

The concept was created by Easkateconcepts and seems to be popular in the community:

So I went a little crazy with this one! Since Banners are kind of redundant, why not rework them into a new customization item? Calling Cards! [Concept Video] from r/FortNiteBR

You might remember Easkate from multiple other articles in the past. Just five days ago I wrote an article about their unique new take on the Victory Royale screen.

What really separates Easkate’s concepts from the rest is that they actually take the time to do the UI work to show what the concept would look like in game.

In the last month, they have had 12 different posts that hit the front page of /r/FortniteBR and often had one of the top three spots.

That’s gotta be the most consistently high placing user on Reddit Fortnite although I have no stats to back up that claim.

A job at Epic Games may be in their future if enough of these designs get in front of the right people.

Would you want to see banners replaced by Calling Cards in the actual game?

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