Fortnite Creative mode players continue to impress with their creations – both original ideas and reimagining some of their favorite things in the Battle Royale game.

Players have the tools to create whatever they so choose – and some choose to recreate maps from other games while also putting their own Fortnite spin on things.

One fan, TheBlackShield, has recreated the iconic Call of Duty Zombies map Nacht Der Untoten with an incredibly close likeness to the original map that comes complete with a Mystery Box and new areas that can be unlocked with points earned by kills.

Nacht der Untoten X Fortnite. (Humans vs Zombies Gamemode) Packed with tons of easter eggs, a point system and the classic Mystery Box! How many rounds will you survive? Map Code: 9302-4233-3656 from r/FortniteCreative

The recreated map has a number of key aspects from the original – including the long starting room and the option to go to the upstairs level. Weapons on the wall are also almost identical, with grenades available to be purchased upstairs in a tiny corner.

While there are no actual Zombies from Call of Duty in Creative mode, you’ll need at least a few friends to make things work – including someone who wants to take on the role of at least one Zombie.

However, having the ability to play an as an undead beast and cause nightmares for your friends in a highly nostalgic background should be incentive enough.

If you want to try the map out for yourself, the Island Code is 9302-4233-3656.

Should you decide to take on the undead in this Iconic Call of Duty map, let us know how many rounds you survive against a horde of Zombies in the comments below!

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