Fortnite Patch v6.21 has went live and huge discoveries are being made in regards to upcoming events and content. Discovered amongst the files are assets for an in-game Butterfly Event, Nexus Structure, and more.

It appears the Cube aka Kevin will be blossoming into a Butterfly, or at least that’s the analogy that the developers of Fortnite are using internally to name the assets for the upcoming in-game event.




These assets indicate that the Cube will continue to crack until it reaches a point in which it will cause a large explosion


StaticMesh_Butterfly_LightCones – This asset indicates the the Cube’s explosion will be very bright as light shines through the cracks.

StaticMesh_Nexus_Malestrom – This asset indicates that a powerful whirlpool will form in the Lake below the Cube’s current position.

It seems that once the Cube has erupted there will be a very apparent after effect in the air.

Butterfly_Background – This asset may accompany the below StarField asset.

StaticMesh_Butterfly_Splash_Expand – It’s not known if this asset will effect the water below the Cube or is a splash effect played on the Cube during its explosion.

Butterfly_StarField – This seems to be an asset which is placed in the environment after the Cube has exploded.

Finally, after all is seemingly done. The only change which has currently been found in the files is that the Floating Island above Leaky Lake will have exploded into multiple pieces.

Here’s what the Lake may look like after it has been reformed.

Further assets indicate that the Cube will spin, a Rainbow will spawn at the Lake, and at least one Point of Interest on the map will swap.

Stay tuned for any further information and be sure to attend the upcoming one-time in-game event!

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