One of the best things about Fortnite is that new strategies are constantly being implemented by the top players.

A new strategy that is being used by more and more people in the World Cup Qualifiers focuses on the building of stairs in 1x1s.

The goal of the main strategy is to build stairs over your opponent, giving you the high ground and the editing advantage.

If you are in the same box but you are on top of a set of stairs, you have the initiative to decide when and how to attack the opponent.

One of the players popularizing this strategy is Team Atlantis’ Khuna. How his strategy works with examples and commentary was posted by competitive Fortnite caster BallaTW.

The video also covers some other interesting variants of the strategy and unlike a lot of Fortnite videos doesn’t stretch out three minutes of content into a ten-minute video.

Another strategy covered in that video is using a shield to bait out your opponent which works almost too well most times.

There’s also the counter to the wall placement strategy which is reasonably simple. If you are trying to break into or defend a 1×1, you should place a cone on the square you are standing on.

That prevents your opponent from being able to trap you underneath the stair and actually just gives you a little high ground if the wall breaks and you need to trade pump shots.

If the stair strategy begins reaching into lower Arena Mode, the pyramid will be the counter that is popularized to stop it.

This is obviously an article dedicated to the sweats, but the idea of trapping your opponent under stairs is really one that can be used by players of all skill levels.

Are these types of tips and tricks useful to you?

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