Fortnite pro Bugha and his squad were eliminated by a player using an absurd number of Floppers to stay alive in the storm. Should Floppers be nerfed?

Floppers have become one of the most powerful healing items in Fortnite. They only take one second to consume and grant you 50 HP. You can carry up to four of them, making them far more effective than Medkits or Bandages.

Epic is pushing us towards fishing this season and many feel as though the natural shields are the evidence of this. The drop-rate of shields seems to be lower than it has been in previous seasons, forcing players to head for the water for healing items.

Fishing has become even easier with the addition of the Harpoon Gun. You can clear several fishing holes in under a minute with the new weapon, making it a must-carry item in competitive Fortnite.

The result? More players have a healthy inventory full of fish that allow them to stay alive in the storm. Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha and his squad died to one of these players this past weekend.

The player in question didn’t have one or two stacks of Floppers, though. He had at least 11 Floppers in his inventory.

Bugha and his squad died to this player, and Bugha entered Replay Mode to see how the opponent stayed in the storm for so long. The World Cup winner watched in amazement as the player ate 11 Floppers before moving towards the new circle.

We don’t even know if these were all of the Floppers in the player’s inventory, as Bugha exited Replay Mode after his foe at his 11th fish. One thing’s for sure: these items let you tank storm damage.

IMG: Fortnite Twitter

All of this begs the question: should Floppers receive a nerf? Epic wouldn’t have to do much to them, as players carrying 11 or more probably isn’t a regular occurrence.

One idea is to slightly increase the duration it takes to consume the Floppers – or to limit the stack size to three instead of four.

What do you think? Are fish too overpowered in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments.

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