Reigning Fortnite World Cup Solo champion Bugha was no match for a Zipline bug which took his life in the Fortnite Champion Series Finals.

Obviously, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf isn’t a Fortnite Intel reader. If he was, he would know to look out for water when jumping off of a zipline. The Zipline has been bugged for a week or so, causing players to die when they touch the water.

Unfortunately, the Sentinels pro fell victim to this fall damage bug during the FNCS Finals this past weekend. He jumped off of a zipline, dipped his toes in the water, and went down.

The good news is that Bugha went down in a safe location. His team was able to get the resurrection and continue fighting. They did have to waste a couple of Floppers, however.

In a shocking turn of events, Bugha and his squad of Thwifo, Clarity, and Stretch placed 21st in the FNCS Grand Finals. They were favorites to win the NA East region, and can’t be happy with their performance.

This bug is a relatively new one in Fortnite. It only occurs when you jump off of a Zipline and hit the water. The bug appears to have been caused by an attempted fix from Epic. There used to be another bug that allowed you to avoid fall damage by jumping off of a Zipline and into the water. The Shockwave-style effect would stay with you until your next jump, allowing you to build a sky-base without any risk.

Now, though, a much more troublesome bug has reared its head. Instead of players landing safely in the water, they end up dying – even if they barely touch a river.

Epic is taking a long break for the Holidays and the Zipline bug is nowhere to be found on the ‘Community Issues’ Trello board at the time of this writing. These facts combine to suggest that we’ll be experiencing this issue for another few weeks at the very least.

Be careful out there, folks. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

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