Using a glitch that allows a player to get to the main island from the creative island, a player was able to ride the driftboard early.

Using the Clocktower glitch, a player is able to get to the main island where Driftboards lie waiting.

Now videos are beginning to come out showing the first gameplay using the board and it looks pretty sweet.

The fluidity looks like a mix of SSX Tricky and Back to the Future with tricks racking up points like the Quadcrashers.

The first person to pull off this exploit is @Giuk93600505 and they are Driftboarding all over the island. Here’s a clip:

The Driftboard seems to be a solid, fun item that doesn’t look super overpowered. With the planes being nerfed heavily, hopefully, most of the vehicles in Fortnite are being brought down to a similar power level.

The most important thing about the Driftboard is that it is fun. It sure looks like it is.

Originally scheduled to come out with the v7.10 update, the Driftbaord was delayed to focus on “quality of life improvements.”

So the feel of the board may change from what you see in that video when it is officially released, but it looks pretty polished already.

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  1. This looks like an awesome addition but I hope it comes out later this week and not have it count as next weeks item because that’s mean in the span of 4 weeks we’d only gotten two items since the sword got vaulted and this would be delayed

  2. When you get to main island in creative you can see unreleased things, for example, I’ve seen christmas decorations before they added them :p


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