The Shadow Stone movement was one of the more fun portions of that part of Fortnite’s history, the cube monsters, not so much.

But the movement after intaking a shadow stone wasn’t incredibly overpowered, and that’s a good thing because a new glitch seems to show that moving like you did after consuming a shadow stone is still coded into the game.

Now, this glitch doesn’t give the full shadow stone effect of turning invisible and being able to propel yourself forward for short distances, it just has you floating off the ground at a pace quicker than a sprint.

What exactly triggers the glitch is not clear. Apparently it has something to do with riding a cannon. Rice Tuesday was riding around a cannon and when they hopped off they were suddenly floating around the map:

Strange bug caused me to go into ‘Shadow Stone’ type movement after getting off a cannon. from r/FortNiteBR

Compared to other glitches and bug that have happened in Fortnite recently, this one is pretty benign. Recently glitches have been discovered that allow players to shoot through semi-built cones and through the deck of the ship in Lazy Lagoon.

Vehicle glitches have killed many players whether they came from the planes, ziplines or driftboards.

oving around like a ghost until you input another action is actually a nice change of pace compared to the other bug possibilities.

Having the shadow stone movement still active in the game files is interested as it seems more likely that Epic will be bringing back corrupted zones with Shadow Stones at some point in the future.

Do you want corrupted zones to come back to the game? Or are you fine with the only way to move like that being this cannon glitch?

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