The Fortnite Trello board has been updated to show a number of confirmed bug fixes for next week’s Patch v3.5.0 update. Here’s everything we know so far:

Note: This isn’t a complete list of the bug fixes coming with v3.5.0 – the list was created “for gameplay impacting issues that are high frequency, common occurrences, or game breaking” and the rest will be displayed in the Patch Notes.

Unable to Build

“Players may encounter a temporary issue with building even with the correct amount of materials.” Fixed in Patch v3.5.0

Weapon appears to float midair and you may be unable to shoot

“Quickly cycling through weapons or switching to build mode can cause your weapon to appear to float or keep you from being able to shoot or build.” Fixed in Patch v3.5.0

Random controller vibrations

“Controllers are vibrating at times when they shouldn’t.” Fixed in Patch v3.5.0

Small objects rendering later than they should

“There is minor LOD popping on small shrubs, a small number of trees and some wooden crates and hay-bales. It will appear as though these objects suddenly appear and can startle players.” Fixed in Patch v3.5.0

Visual problem with Rabbit Raider

“Players may notice visual problems with the ears while wearing the Rabbit Raider outfit.” Fixed in Patch v3.5.0

General hitches during gameplay on console

“The amount of longer hitches on console has steadily increased over the last few builds.

As far as we can tell the root cause is blocking loads and we are pursuing two approaches to improve the situation.

  1. Making sure we are not blocking on file I/O and removing cases where we incorrectly are.
  2. Improving load speed.

The latter is done by re-ordering our assets on HDD which requires shipping a large patch on PS4 and Xbox One.” Planned to be fixed in Patch v3.5.0, may change

We will update this list with any changes over the coming days, stay tuned.

Source: Fortnite Trello

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