Epic have continued to update their public Trello board – here are the top confirmed bug fixes coming with Patch v3.3.0 later this week. This list will be updated in the coming days if there are any changes or additions.

Note: This isn’t all of the bug fixes coming with v3.3.0, everything else will be covered when the Patch Notes are released.

Teams of 20 Performance

“Players may experience server lag in the early states of the Teams of 20 LTM.

UPDATE: We partially addressed this issue with a server hotfix on 3/9/18 at 11pm EST. Server performance has since improved across all modes but we will continue to investigate optimizations.” Fixed in v3.3.0.

Loud Weapon Audio

“Firing weapons has audio that is louder than intended.” Fixed in v3.3.0.

Unintended rotation of stairs

“Building stairs on a floor tile will result in the incorrect placement and rotation of the stairs.” Fixed in v3.3.0.

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