With Patch v.3.1.0 dropping tomorrow, here’s a list of some of the most common bugs that will be fixed when it releases:

Decrease in stability

“We introduced a memory leak that resulted in an increase in crashes with the release of version v2.5.” Fixed in Patch v3.1.0 – hopes to bring console stability back to the levels of Patch v2.4.2.

Weapons do not equip/function during early game

“During the early game there is a chance that weapons cannot be equipped and do not show up in the player’s hands or function (shoot).” Fixed in Patch v3.1.0.

Hit markers do not show up

“Hit markers do not show up when shooting enemies; only damage numbers appear. Hit markers DO appear if you are shooting a player who is in the DBNO (down but not out) state. They also work in the pre-game phase.” Fixed in Patch v3.1.0.

Temporary workaround: Increase ‘Effects’ setting to medium.

Hitting a weakpoint is too loud

“With the release of version 3.0 weak point audio cues became much louder than intended.” Fixed in Patch v3.1.0. The volume of Hand Cannons is also being decreased.

“Play a match with a friend” daily challenge

“Credit may not be given to players who complete the “Play a match with a friend” daily challenge.” Fixed in Patch v3.1.0.

Unable to build

“Players may encounter a temporary issue with building even with the correct amount of materials. We have not been able to internally reproduce the issue, but believe we understand what is going wrong and have a speculative fix paired with instrumentation that will help us track down the issue if it persists.”

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