Any hope of the BRUTE being nerfed or vaulted entirely was squashed by Epic’s latest competitive update.

Calls for the BRUTE to be removed from the game have been plentiful and many top streamers have threatened to start playing different games until they are removed.


Given the absurdly strong power level and the almost unanimous cry out against the mechs, it seemed likely they would go the way of the Infinity Blade soon.

Not so fast, my friend.

Epic Games doubled down on the BRUTE in the latest competitive update. They did announce one nerf to the mech but it is so small that it really does not seem like it will make much of an impact.

They are adding a laser sight on the rockets. That’s it. That’s all they are doing. Now you will know you are about to be bombarded by ten rockets seconds before you actually are.

Well dust your hands off Epic you fixed it.

The BRUTE will be staying in all Fortnite modes including competitive for the forseeable future.

The update also brings some news about the upcoming Fortnite Championship Series (FCS). This is Epic’s attempt at turning Fortnite into a true consistent esports league. On paper it seems like a good idea, but until Epic starts taking competitive balance more seriously Fortnite will not be recognized as a top-tier esport.

You can either have a fully functioning top-tier esport or you can have giant mechs that are difficult to counter and massive sources of RNG, you can’t have both.

As expected, the early reactions to this update were of dismay and outcry. This doesn’t seem like it is poised to be the siphon change that was a big deal but faded away. This situation feels like it could pose big problems for the future of Fortnite if it isn’t handled.

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