Fortnite’s controversial BRUTE Mech suits have been re-enabled after Epic Games took them down on September 11 to resolve some issues, and players are not impressed.

BRUTE Mech suits were added to Fortnite in Season 10 and have become possibly the most controversial addition to the game ever, rivalling the Infinity Blade, X-4 Stormwing planes and others from seasons gone by.

They have been riddled with bugs and are seen as overpowered by the majority of players, with many content creators begging Epic to remove them.

The BRUTE has returned. Credit – Epic Games.

On September 12, Epic Games announced on Twitter that BRUTE’s are back in all playlists, just a day after being disabled for some bug fixes. Most fans were incredibly disappointed with their return, as they were enjoying Fortnite without being plagued by a mechanical terror.

Some of the biggest Fortnite community members quickly added their opinions on the Mechs’ return.

Avxry was one of the first to comment and he was surprisingly happy, not because of the BRUTE’s return, but because Borderlands 3 was coming out and he could play something else to avoid the controversial feature.

Meanwhile, TSM’s Slappie couldn’t have been more disappointed, as he claimed he lost the first round of a tournament due to the BRUTE and offered a sarcastic “I love Epic Games!” message along with some equally backhanded smiley faces.

Players on Reddit had a similar outlook, with a thread on the subject being filled with comments like “Thanks I hate it” and “was fun while it lasted.” Among the sea of hate, it’s difficult to find anyone that is happy about the return of the large pieces of machinery.

With the return of the BRUTE, players will once again have to tread carefully and keep their eyes peeled for their presence.

At this point, the reaction to their reappearance was expected and will more than likely continue right the way through Season 10 until they are eventually removed – which is what usually happens with strongly opposed features in the end.

What do you think of the BRUTE? Do you want it to stay in the game? Let us know below!

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