The lack of mobility in Fortnite keeps a lot of players stuck in the storm. This item concept could fix the problem.

It’s no secret that Epic nerfed mobility into the ground when they released Fortnite Chapter 2. At the same time, the storms seem to be moving a bit faster than they have in the past.

The community has been relatively split on the topic of decreased mobility, but more players are coming around to the ‘we want more mobility’ side of the aisle as the longest season in Fortnite history drags on.

There are a lot of reasons that Fortnite players want additional mobility, but the most universal reason is that more and more players are getting stuck in the storm. A Bandage Bazooka and some Floppers can keep you alive for longer than previous Fortnite seasons, but no one wants to play a running simulator while they stop and heal.

If you don’t have one of these tools, though, you’re out of luck. A Medkit and Bandages aren’t enough to heal through a storm that always seems to be pulling towards the corners of the map.

What if there was an item that could heal you while you’re on the move. That’s what u/pink_melon22 created and posted to the r/FortniteBR subreddit.

This concept is of a Rare torch that you can light at campfires. It will heal you for 2 HP for 25 seconds and will only be able to be used once. Relighting it would allow players to camp in the storm late-game, which is already an issue with Floppers and the Bandage Bazooka.

If there’s no campfire nearby, you can also use 50 wood to light the fire. This is a way to bring a campfire with you so you don’t have to stop and heal.

Getting lost in the storm is always frustrating and it’s not always possible to prevent. You have no options but to fight if another player or squad challenge you while you’re rotating. At least with the torch, getting caught in the storm will be far more manageable.

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