On occasion, Epic releases skin and challenge packs for Fortnite which are bought using ‘real currency’ as opposed to V-Bucks. On July 18, the Breakpoint skin and challenge pack will be made available for purchase.

We all love getting new cosmetic content in Fortnite and the flow of new items doesn’t seem to slowing down one bit. As of right now (July 17), the Fortnite Store does not contain any major skin packs. But that’s about to change.

Epic will adding a new Skin & Challenge pack to the Store tab in Fortnite on July 18 (already available in New Zealand). The Breakpoint set will include a skin, Back Bling, and a hefty amount of V-Bucks for players to spend in the Item Shop.

Breakpoint Skin & Challenge Pack coming soon

via @BRLeaks_

While a majority of cosmetics are released in the Item Shop, some items can only be purchased via the Store tab. These exclusive packs are placed next to the V-Buck purchases and are bought directly using money.

On July 18, Epic will add the Breakpoint Skin & Challenge set to the Store. The pricing for the set is similar to the Starter Packs which are often added at the beginning of seasons. The Breakpoint pack includes:

  • Breakpoint Skin
  • Signal Jammer Back Bling
  • 1000 V-Bucks via completing six daily challenges

The Back Bling can be seen on the left of the above image. It features a small display with a pixel-art skull which also appears on Breakpoint’s ballistic vest. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the DeadSec hacker symbol from the Watch Dogs games.

The new Pack has already released in New Zealand with a price of $15.95 NZ Dollars. You can expect the price for the US to be $9.99 and the price for EU to be around €9.99.

As with other such skins, Epic’s roll-out of the pack will take about 24 hours and then it will be available for every player worldwide. The skin’s theme sticks to the Season 9 futuristic style with a holographic display shimmering across the whole body of the character.

Will you be buying this pack when it comes out in your region? We’ll certainly think about it, but there’s so much new content on the way that we’re going to need to be careful with our pocket books!