A new Fortnite bug has been found that allows players to turn boats into planes. Find out how to fly a boat in Fortnite while you still can.

Fortnite Chapter 2 isn’t close to bug-free. One of the only things holding it back from being the best iteration of Fortnite thus far is the number of performance issues we’ve encountered.


Epic powered through performance issues with the first chapter of Fortnite, and we can trust that they’re on it again for Chapter 2. As the days chug along, though, players are finding more bugs and exploits in the game.

Reel in a big one!

This most recent exploit involves the new boat. The boat is one of the more balanced mobility items we’ve seen. Sure, the rockets can do substantial damage to structures, but players inside the boat are also extremely vulnerable to getting shot.

When the rockets are coming from above you, though, it’s a different story.

It would seem as though these new boats aren’t meant to fall from massive heights. Although the new Fortnite map is far more vertical than the first, there aren’t as many steep declines on it. The one exception is the waterfall, which appears to be the only place where this is possible – at least as of this writing.

Epic commented on the Reddit thread and stated that the team was looking into this exploit. There doesn’t appear to be too much behind this one in terms of any wonky setup. Once you boost off the cliff, you’re good to go. The mechanics of the boat treat the air as if you’re on the water as well, so you can go anywhere.

The only problem, here, is how to get down once you’re up there. You’ll have to make sure you’re over the water if you want to get out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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