Since The Block destroyed Risky Reels last December, we have had a wide variety of new designs.

Almost all of these designs have been unique stand-alone creations that fit in the wider Fortnite universe.

People have done recreations of famous buildings from shows like the Teen Titans Tower and the Avengers HQ, but, due to trademarks, those types of designs can’t be featured on The Block.

While this design from Robert Allred does take inspiration from another source, it may be something that does not fall under a traditional trademark.

He designed the iconic childhood city rug that was a common sight in many schools and homes, especially in the 90s and early 2000s.

You might not know what I am talking about in the words, but the image should trigger some immediate memories.

I remember my pre-school had this rug. I don’t know why I remember that, but upon seeing it I remember driving an RC car around the rug and “crashing” into buildings.

Now I can actually do it!

This map works great as a creation for The Block because it has that nostalgia factor, but it doesn’t go overboard making it impractical for the design.

The layout of the city could just as well be Pleasant Park as this re-creation, so there should be plenty of houses to loot as well.

Compared to some designs on The Block which have been these massive creations, but ultimately impractical, the recreation of the rug works quite well.

It is not clear whether that map design is actually trademarked, but I have seen the rug on a bunch of different websites and seemingly created by different companies. The one in the title image is from Children’s Factory but with a design this old it has surely been created by different companies over the years.

The memory is just barely under the 50k threshold so the design could be added to The Block in the future.

For now, if you want to explore this design, you will have to use the Island Code: 7521-6332-7160

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