Epic have posted over on reddit that they’re making some changes to the Blitz LTM which will go live in a hotfix later today:

“Today, we will be hotfixing the Blitz Limited Time Mode in order to lower the amount of building resources gained from floor loot and farming.

Having tons of resources is a blast, and our goal with the mode was to make it easier to gain resources due to the storm moving in so much faster.

We believe that our initial resource numbers were a bit too abundant, and are making this adjustment to ensure there is still some risk/reward when farming in Blitz.


  • Floor loot resources reduced from 100 to 60.
  • Farming resources increase reduced from 200% to 150%.

We will continue to monitor this, please keep giving us your feedback!”

No information has yet been given on when this is going live, we’ll keep you updated.