The competitive community hasn’t been shy talking about the issues plaguing Fortnite Battle Royale.

Ever since the Infinity Blade was thrown into the Winter Royale, questions about the competitive integrity of Fortnite have been abundant.

Ghost Bizzle has been on the forefront of the charge. As the winningest player over all Fortnite events, he has cemented himself as one of the best in the game.

But even though he has made boatloads of money, doesn’t mean he is necessarily happy with the state of the game.

In fact, he has taken the complaints one step further to prove that Epic needs to overhaul competitive play.

He has been playing – and winning – World Cup qualifiers without a gun.

After he qualified for the event, he turned his attention towards this unique challenge. Now he spends the first Saturday rolling through the semi-finals without ever shooting another player.

For the last month or so, Bizzle has been trying to get enough points to qualify for Sunday. He’s succeeded twice. Without ever picking up a gun. Here’s his video for qualifying the first time and another video from this past weekend should be up soon.

Just because Bizzle makes it look easy doesn’t mean what he is doing is simple. Many talented players have missed out on moving on to Sunday’s competition. Most recently was Ninja who didn’t qualify for Sunday in his last chance to qualify by himself.

Even though what Bizzle is doing takes skill, it shouldn’t even be possible. There is no way he could qualify without the use of The Baller. That added mobility and the risk others take when they engage with a baller late game means that he can stay safe for long periods of time.

Other mobility items like shadow bombs and rifts help him out of tough spots and ranged utility weapons like smoke and boogie bombs come through in tough situations.

Ultimately success in Fortnite should really be dictated by three key areas. Aiming skill, building skill and decision making.

The Baller basically takes out all three. You don’t need to aim if you are driving it. You don’t need to build while in it. Your decision making is basically where to point the vehicle.

When players can use a single vehicle and move on to one of the largest esports competitions ever, that is a huge problem.

Despite this being a clear issue in competitive Fortnite since March, nearly the entire qualifier was dominated by this item.

Having one of the best player make a mockery of the event should create change but all the players holding their breath for Epic’s changes turned blue and passed out months ago.

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