The Boom Bow just got added into Fortnite and already we’ve seen hundreds of insane trickshots be hit with the device. But how can the new weapon best be used in practical terms?

The new Boom Bow is, without a doubt, a lot of fun to play around with. The curve of the “arrows” and the bowstring pull time grant an inherent level of skill to its usage in addition to its projectile travel time.


These factors make the weapon among the hardest to effectively use in Fortnite. Sure, you could just fire off round after round hoping to hit something in front of you, but surely there are better ways to use the device.

Competitive Fortnite player ElimzTTV shows us some of the best ways to tactically use the Boom Bow in Fortnite.

BOOM BOW – Concise Competitive Tips #2 from r/FortniteCompetitive

Elimz goes into great detail about the little intricacies of the Boom Bow. One such important fact is that the explosion blast radius of the Boom Bow’s shots are only 1/3 of a tile wide. So, don’t expect to be hitting anyone for massive AoE damage.

He also explains the damage profile in some depth. A charged shot from the Boom Bow will do 136 damage to the head and a non-charged shot delivers 100 explosive damage.

The Bow could serve a decent counter to Ballers in Fortnite. It only take three charged hits to destroy a full health Baller, but we suspect that ARs will still be faster with good aim.

The new Boom Bow in Fortnite’s Season 8 – via Epic Games

Elimz saves the best for last with structural damage profiles.

The Boom Bow destroys wood tiles in two shots, brick tiles in three shots, and metal tiles in five shots.

Shooting at the corner of 1×1 structure will take down two walls, the roof, and the pyramid on top (if you player you are facing is using pyramids).

Elimz also demonstrates the Bow’s effectiveness at destroying high-ground platforms as shooting the very middle of four tiles will destroy both the platform and pyramids above them. This prove especially useful in late-game as many players resort to wood as their last material.

With these tips taken into account, the Boom Bow isn’t just a trickshot weapon…it’s downright deadly in the right hands. This one might be just the thing for all you “low ground warriors.”