Taking fall damage can be one of the most frustrating mishaps experienced while playing Fortnite.

Although, there are ways to combat against taking unnecessary fall damage at the worst time, as shown by ‘TheGamerCouple’ on YouTube.

After falling from a high distance, the strategy involves placing a ramp where you are going to land and then immediately putting a pyramid on top of it.

If done correctly, it was discovered that fall damage could be reduced by up to 75%, which could be a major factor in staying alive while in a build battle.

A full list of all the fall damage that you can possibly take from different heights can be found in the original Reddit thread below.

Found a way to consistently reduce fall damage, not sure if a ton of people knew about this, but wanted to share anyway! from r/FortniteCompetitive

You can view a more in-depth description of the fall-damage tactic below.

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