The new ‘Shooting Range’ in Playground mode is one of the best ways to improve your aim in Fortnite.

Added on October 24 in the V.620 update, the ‘Shooting Range’ can be found in Playground mode and placed in the same way as a Port-A-Fort.

Port-A-Shooting-Ranges are available in Vending Machines right outside Tilted Towers in a variety of rarities and difficulties and can be purchased without any materials.

Two AI controlled bots will spawn in the common Shooting range, while the complexity of the bots will increase as the rarity goes up, allowing for the chance to practice against moving targets.

YouTuber ‘Beaks’ has broken down the best way to use the new Shooting Ranges as practice in order to hone your skills for the future.

More information on the V6.20 update in Fortnite: Battle Royale including patch notes, new additions, and much more can be found right here.

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