Winning money feels good. Winning money that gives you the chance to win much, much more money feels even better.

So for the players who qualified for the World Cup, their reactions have ranged from giddy excitement to stunned disbelief.

For those unfamiliar with how World Cup qualifiers works, here’s a quick refresher:

100 solo players and 50 duos will eventually receive invitations to the World Cup. Qualifiers will take place over ten weekends beginning on April 13th and ending on June 16th.

Each week will alternate between being a solo qualifier week and a duo qualifier week. So far, we have had three weekends of qualifiers. Two solo, and one duo.

The invitations to the World Cup are sorted by region. The graph below breaks down how many spots each region is allotted:

40 Solo players and 10 Duos have punched their ticket to NY as of writing

With so few spots available, only the best of the best will make it through and even then some luck will be required. Plenty of amazing players won’t get to attend the event, making qualifying for it even more sweet.

Plenty of other players probably had amazing reactions, but we needed them to be streaming to include the clip.

Also, not everyone’s Twitch channels are the same as their username, so I can’t guarantee this is a definitive list of the outright best reactions, but I did find five amazing clips of qualified players.

Note: Unfortunately, you can’t embed Twitch clips at this time so I had to rehost the clips on Streamable to get them to embed. I wish this wasn’t the case and I could drive viewers to each player’s channel. Each of their Twitch channels is linked at the top of each section.

The Top 5 Reactions to Qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup (So Far)

#5. TTV_UnknownxArmy

After finishing third in week two of NA-East Solos behind Tfue and Rise XXiF (who is facing cheating accusations), UnknownxArmy punched a ticket to NY and won 3,000. He is currently a free agent but will certainly have plenty of organizations coming forward with offers.

His reaction seemed like he was pretty stunned, but luckily his party member went full on with the hype.

#4. TTVCoreGamingg

Our only submission from outside of North America, CoreGamingg finished fifth in Europe’s Week 3 qualifier. I wish I could have included more international entries but this is an English website so I wanted our readers to understand each reaction.

No one will have trouble figuring out what CoreGamingg was saying, “Let’s Fucking Gooo” is pretty easy to understand.

With 4,000 followers on Twitch (three days after he qualified, idk what it was before) you can really feel the hype of someone who just changed their life.

#3. Liquid Vivid

Compared to the hype reactions of the two previous entries, Vivid’s reaction is one of someone who has been on this stage before. He’s 8th all-time in career winnings from Fortnite with a dominant stretch in the Summer Skirmish accounting for most of his prizes.

Recently he has finished third at the Secret Skirmish and 19th at the Katowice Royale. Vivid’s reaction is so good, because, despite how much competitive Fortnite he has played, you can still see that the World Cup is a different beast.

#2. Liquid Riversan

Absolutely the most wholesome reaction on the list. For 16-year-old Riversan, qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup was a family matter.

With his chat clamoring to bring his mom onto the mic, he went into the other room to tell her the good news. Turns out that if she was on the mic, eardrums may have been busted because it was easy to hear her happiness from a ways away.

Congrats to Riversan and to his mom, who seems like she is really supportive of his future in gaming.

#1 Tfue

If you’ve been following the Fortnite scene in the last couple of days, you probably were expecting the top entry on the list. Tfue is not only one of the largest streamers on Twitch, but he is also one of the most talented players in the world. That is no longer up for debate as he dodged stream snipers to finish #1 in his region.

His celebration was absolutely iconic. One perk of living at a FaZe house is that you have champagne bottles on deck for moments like this. He went out the window and into a champagne shower that would make a baseball locker room proud.

Correction: Tfue was actually at his family house in Florida at the time, not the FaZe house. Correction provided by @Noobface on Twitter.

Just magnificent. He followed up that moment by getting absolutely plastered to the point his girlfriend had to pull him off the stream.

We still have seven more weeks of qualifiers, and I may have missed something amazing from the first three, so if you liked this article let me know in the comments and I will do some follow ups. Also, please post links to any reaction I missed.

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