Murphy’s Law states that “if anything can go wrong, it will” and that is what Epic should have been thinking about when they banned Xxif for only two weeks after he was caught cheating.

Did anyone at Epic think about the backlash that would occur if a proven cheater qualified for the World Cup in a later week?

No? Well they probably should have. Now the Fortnite community is on fire as Xxif, who was caught cheating during week 3, qualified for the World Cup during Week 8.

Plus his teammate was involved as well, Ronaldo was the one who fed Xxif kills during the solo qualifiers that week.

At the time the 14 day suspension was levied, almost everyone thought it was too light, and the reason for that is clear.

Now Epic will have to deal with having a permanent spotlight placed on the two players who were proven cheaters, and not the other 198 competitors who earned their spot fairly.

It is a crisis that could have easily been avoided with a heavier handed suspension. Now you can’t escape jokes and complaints about Xxif and his teammate Ronaldo on Twitter, Twitch, and Reddit.

So we compiled some of the best jokes and thoughts about the situation here:

Reactions to Xxif qualifying for the World Cup

SypherPK, who balled out last weekend and qualified for the World Cup himself, called this reality when the ban was first placed against the duo.

He’s making a joke, but with DrLupo and CouRage casting the event, we could actually see even stronger critiques of the players come through during the event.

DrLupo has already been referring to Xxif as just “bot” whenever he has to cast an engagement during the qualifiers.

And that was before Xxif qualified. Now that he has, Dr Lupo had some strong words for the cheater.

He clarified his thoughts further on Twitter later that day.

It is pretty hard to argue with that. There are so many amazing players out there who have been grinding to get a shot at the World Cup and rewarding a duo who both were part of a cheating scandal during the same event is just wack.

I’m not saying they should be permanently banned from Fortnite events, but being disqualified from the event they cheated in is more than fair.

While the competitive community is pissed off, even the casual community has expressed their annoyance. Here’s the top post on /r/Fortnite BR today:

I found a way to trigger the Event from r/FortNiteBR

That post is close to the most upvoted post on the subreddit of the entire past month, to show just how much this situation has annoyed people.

Here are some other great Tweets on the situation:

2000 IQ *taps head*

This list could keep going because the memes have been pouring in. If they place highly in New York during the actual event, the Fortnite community may explode.

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