CourageJD recently joined 100 Thieves and held an AMA event on the 100T subreddit. Fans asked him all types of questions and he gave some great responses.

Courage held an AMA event on Reddit on behalf of his new organization, 100 Thieves.

We’ve collected Mr. Dunlop’s best responses from the event into a collection below. We’ll keep updating this article as the popular streamer continues to reply to his fans questions.

100 Thieves Courage AMA

AMA with 100T’s new THICC content creator, CouRage! from r/100thieves

Courage started the AMA off with a question to himself…because of course he did. He then replied to himself…because of course he did.

Big Fan (Physically) & Twitch Prime Plug

Courage (Q): Hey CouRage – big fan (physically)! I’ve felt this hole in my heart as of late and I’m not sure what it is. Any idea of what it could be?

Courage (A): Hey! Thanks for the kind words! Check to see if you have your free Twitch Prime sub available! There is no more fulfilling feeling than using your free sub on your favorite streamer. Should fix you right up!

195 IQ Economical Genius

Cheechers23 (Q): What are your thoughts on the global economic differences between triple A power countries and their massive growing GDP, and those less fortunate maybe in the 3rd world countries where they’re struggling to get an economic product thats good enough to be transferred across a positive trade world?

Edit: On a more serious note, Warriors or Raptors?

Courage (A): It’s interesting. A rising tide raises all ships. I think the key to a successful global economy comes in products being available across the whole world from any country at any time. In 2012, 87% of exports came from the top 3 countries. I find that terribly flawed. Also, with the lack of Internet in certain parts of the world affecting their business I think it’s unfair to the consumer that they may never see the products. Finally, I just made all these stats up and have no clue what I am talking about.


On Joining & Leaving OpTic Gaming

Superrickkkk (Q): Did you leave optic because you already knew the situation back then?

Courage (A): When I moved to Texas to join OpTic I got on my plane excited as ever. When I landed, every single member had their Twitter blacked out protesting the decision to drop OpTic Halo. At that exact moment, I knew it was going to be short lived.

Most Annoying Thing about Streaming

NebulaiOS (Q): What is the most annoying thing to have happen during stream, like chat or disturbances, etc?

Courage (A): “_____ just went live! Bye!” in chat is always the most annoying

Confirmed. CouRage is a Brit.

NickValery1 (Q): Hey, I think we all know the real question here! Tea or Coffee?

Courage (A): Tea. I’m actually not a coffee guy.

CouRage discusses his family’s support

Will240502 (Q): What/how did your family feel when you started to stream?

Courage (A): Well, when I started to stream for the first time in 2012, I was a full time college student and on my executive board in my Fraternity. I then stopped after a couple months. They have always supported me in whatever I do so they enjoyed watching even with 3 viewers.