Epic Games added the Creative Mode into Fortnite in Season 7 that has led to near, perfect remakes of some of the most nostalgic video game maps ever. 

Creative Mode in Fortnite allows players to build creations with an unlimited amount of materials and different prefabs.

Players have been hard at work since the mode’s launch to create new, impressive maps along with classic remakes from Call of Duty and CS:GO.

Check out the list of our favorite Fortnite Creative maps!

Nuketown (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

Code: 0455-9800-7889

The infamous close quarters map from Call of Duty: Black Ops has been remade into several different CoD titles, but one fan took it to the extreme.

This recreation of 2010’s beloved CoD map is damn near perfect, and looks to be a ton of fun!

Shipment (Call of Duty 4)

Code: 3333-1449-1856

Some Fortnite Creative maps took creators a few hours, while others took hundreds of hours.

This recreation of CoD4’s Shipment is the perfect place to practice build battles, or just dueling it out in a classic 1v1.

Shipment Remastered, over 100 hours of work!😃 (My other video got taken down after it got to #1 trending🙃) Map code: 3333-1449-1856 from FortniteCreative

Rust (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

Code: 3624-9134-2626

Only the best CoD players remember settling arguments through a 1v1 on Rust, and now Fortnite fans can settle their debates on one of the best map recreations we have ever seen!

Dust II (Counter-Strike)

Code: 5253-4025-7629

Some video game maps are so perfect, that they can fit into nearly any shooter game… like Fortnite!

One of the most popular Counter-Strike maps, Dust II, was recreated into the world of Fortnite and only took this fan 7 hours!

I built Dust II from CS:GO alone in creative mode and it only took me 7 hours from FortniteCreative

Castle Black (Game of Thrones)

Code: 4484-1802-8529

Instead of recreating another fictional map, one fan decided to take inspiration from HBO’s Game of Thrones by dropping Castle Black into Fortnite!

[No Spoilers] I fully recreated Castle Black & the Wall in Fortnite’s new creative mode….. I tried to be as authentic as possible. And so my watch begins… (Watch with sound on) from gameofthrones

Have you created any maps in Fortnite Creative that could rival these five? Send us your submissions at @FortniteIntel and we will see what type of creative chops you have!

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