Since Fortnite’s main metropolis was added to the game in Season 2 it has been a favorite drop spot for many players.

With the most chest spawns on the map and usually a hearty dose of players, streamers often choose this drop spot to try to rack up the most kills as possible.

It’s fairly common knowledge at this point that the best way to drop into any location is to try to reach the lowest point possible before your glider automatically opens.

Obviously, there can be variations of this strategy if you want to land on a roof, but going for the low ground is generally a good starting point.

That is especially true with Tilted Towers as there is usually competition for whatever building you are aimed at.

Thanks to the “Floor is Lava” LTM, Reddit user Lej was able to identify the absolute lowest points around Tilted Towers.

By aiming at these points and gliding in towards floor loot or chest spawns, you can be sure to be the first player to reach the target.

A guide to getting the lowest drop into Tilted Towers from r/FortniteCompetitive

It would be really interesting to see how these maps look for other locations, but Tilted is by far the most important given the relative height of everything in the location.

Because this is based on the Floor is Lava LTM, players will only have a limited time to compile these models using this method.

Of all those highlighted locations, the best one to get into the heart of the city is the oval shaped drop on top of the river.

That will allow you to glide into the streets or one of those buildings.

Another challenge for someone more talented than me would be to create a topographic map of the location which could identify spots inside the city that are lower than other locations.

The best way for dropping into a map is an imprecise science based on a variety of factors. But with the new importance of surviving on spawn in the Arena Mode, tips like this are a great way to have an edge over your opponents at the beginning of games.

Is this tip helpful for you? What other locations would you like to see?

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  1. Wow! Great post from Lej! Reminds of the good old days playing disc golf in the city hahaha. Takes an old guy back

  2. You idiots couldn’t just put a picture of the map on the thread? I am at school during lunch trying to check this and Reddit is blocked. If you are going to do a Reddit repost, can you maybe actually repost the topic instead of redirecting us? How POINTLESS.


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