UPDATE 3 Fortnite Zipline exploits: how to land without pulling a...

The Fortnite zipline exploits are out in full force. Here are three common exploits and how to do them.
Fortnite Storm China Change

Pickaxe swinging in Fortnite is now a bannable offense

Epic released a competitive Fortnite blog that highlights new rules against 'trucing' or 'pickaxe swinging.'

Fortnite player recreates infamous Ninja ‘Floss’ debacle

One Fortnite player used Ninja's new skin to roast the streamer on his New Year's Eve Flossing fail.

Fortnite fans create skins for SypherPK, Tfue, Nickmercs, and more

Ninja's Fortnite skin has opened the door to more streamers receiving their own skins. Some fans have taken creation into their own hands.

How to get Poki emote in Fortnite: Pokimane’s very own dance

Following Ninja's very own Fortnite skin being added to the game as part of the Icon Series, next up is Pokimane, with...

Fortnite x TikTok Emote Royale: How to enter new Boogie Down...

Fortnite is bringing back the Boogie Down Contest for fans' emote ideas, this time with the help of video-sharing social platform TikTok.

Mongraal and Benjyfishy want traps out of Fortnite

UK-based Fortnite pros Mongraal and Benjyfishy have had enough of getting killed by traps in Fortnite

Official Fortnite Liferun trailer released

We now have the first look at the upcoming Fortnite Liferun game mode.

The next step: 5 ways to further improve Upgrade Benches

Fortnite Upgrade Stations are better than ever, but how could Epic improve them even more?

Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl roster: Nickmercs, Tfue, and more

Epic Games, Twitch, and the NFLPA have come together to bring us the Streamer Bowl Duos Fortnite competition. Here are all of the confirmed teams for the event.