Epic have released a new Battle Royale Development Update covering the delay of the Jetpack and a new feature coming soon. Here’s the video:

If you’re unable to watch, here’s a rundown of what’s covered:

V3.3.0 Update

  • Coming next week: Supply Llamas!
  • Llamas are found around the map and interacted with similarly to chests.
  • Smoke Grenades are not being used enough, they are being put in the vault (removed from the loot table) and may be reintroduced in the future.


  • Some issues were identified during an internal play-test, they want to sort these out before pushing anything out to the live game.

Teams of 20 LTM

  • Just launched, bridges the gap between ‘Squads’ and ’50v50′.
  • Covers the differences in the LTM – storm sizes and timings are different.
  • Ability to ping team locations.
  • Higher chances of obtaining loot.
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