Epic has released a new Battle Royale Dev Update over on Twitter to discuss Season 5 changes to weapons, the storm and the new progressive outfit system. Here’s the video:

If you can’t watch right now, here’s a rundown of what’s covered:

Weapon Updates

  • Shotguns needed to be more consistent
  • Spread on the pellets inside aim reticle is now consistent, they will always shoot in the same dispersion
  • Red dots now show which pellet has hit a target
  • Short delay added after firing a shotgun if you switch to another shotgun, previous system was too advantageous
  • SMG fall-off damage adjusted to ensure Assault Rifles are still better for long range engagements

Storm Changes

  • In the final circles (7, 8 and 9), the storm will center outside of the playable area and shrink towards this location
  • Encourages dynamic and exciting gameplay for longer matches

Progressive Outfits

  • Based on XP, can be completed outside of this Season so you wont run out of time to unlock all styles