Fortnite has posted a new Dev Update to discuss the new Solo Showdown LTM, their celebrity Pro-Am at E3 and competitive play. Here’s what was covered:

Solo Showdown

  • Launched this week
  • Opportunity to compete against other players in Battle Royale for in-game prizes
  • Play 50 games for a unique spray
  • Standings will be update on the Fortnite website
  • This LTM is a one-off to learn how to build great experiences for players, expect many changes in the future

E3 and Competitions

  • Weeks away from the Celebrity Pro-Am event
  • More details to be released soon, get ready for a really fun time featuring many familiar faces in the Fortnite community

Competitive Play

  • Fortnite competitions are coming soon, Epic plans to support the community for both online and physical events
  • More information to be released shortly

If you’d prefer to watch the video, here it is: