Fortnite’s a fun game and has seriously addictive gameplay. Naturally, without proper boundaries and priorities, excessive gameplay can lead to some problems. This is what happened with the Philadelphia Phillies’.

According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the Phillies’ are experienced some problems in the break room during their games. Fortnite is unfortunately and hilariously part of the problem.

During games, players from the Phillies’ have been retiring to their clubhouse to play games of Fortnite. The practice has reportedly become more and more common as games go badly for the team.

The players simply lose interest in their baseball and would rather play some Fortnite instead. Keep in mind that this during their professional baseball games for which they get paid millions per year.

It’s a funny story to be sure, but it’s seriously unacceptable for professional players to act like this. Imagine a professional Fortnite player getting up during a game to go and play a round of soccer with some friends.

Phillie’s player Carlos Santana tried to fix the situation with a rather radical solution. Reportedly, Santana grabbed his bat during the game and went to the clubhouse where his teammates were playing Fortnite during their game against the Atlanta Braves. This all happened in their 2018 season.

In-game TV from Fortnite – via IGN

Upon entering, Santana walked over to the TV and smashed the thing with his baseball. This was to prevent his teammates from playing Fortnite during the game and make sure they were focused on the task at hand

While the solution obviously worked in the short term, we would argue that Santana’s actions are nearly equally as childish as his teammates’. The issues should be resolved through discussions during practices and worked out with the staff.

The story is a small, funny reminder that we should all have proper priorities in life. Fortnite’s a great game with addictive gameplay, but maybe you should finish your ‘real life’ duties before hopping into a game of Battle Royale.

Everything should be enjoyed in moderation in relation to how much else you have on your plate. It’s a lesson that the Phillies need to apparently still learn.

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