Fortnite’s banners will be receiving a momentual upgrade in quality with the release of the Banner Brigade skins. Epic Games took to their blog to give details on how these new outfits will work.

Banners in Fortnite have always been considered the “worst” cosmetic feature due to their nearly invisible nature. While they give us personality choices, the only place you’d ever see them is in the lobby.

Epic Games, thankfully, has identified this as a low point in an otherwise expansive cosmetic experience. Banner Brigade skins will allow you to flaunt your Banner Icons and colors in-game!

Banner Brigade Outfit Information & Release Time

Banner Brigade – via Epic Games

Epic Games posted a new blog post on the official Fortnite website detailing the usage of the upcoming Banner Brigade skins. We’re very excited for these additions as we’ve got a massive stash of Banner Icons we’ve barely touched since acquiring them. The value of many accounts will sky-rocket after today.

In the post, Epic confirmed that Banner Brigade will arrive in the Item Shop at 8PM EST on July 17. You’d better hop on and start scrolling through your inventory to see what combinations you can pull off with these skins. The Item Shop will also include a Banner Brigade pickaxe, glider, and Back Bling. Prices are not known at this time.

Epic Games also went into greater detail about the functionality of the outfits. The Banner Brigade skins are the “first” cosmetics which will feature additional use of Banners. A lovely feature of these outfits is that you can preview your Banners on the skin before purchasing. This’ll come in handy, especially with larger Logos.

To celebrate these new skins, Epic will be gifting two free banners to all players who login in from 8PM EST on July 17 to 8PM EST on July 20. According to the blog, these will help you support your favorite in the upcoming Doggus vs. Cattus fight. The event is set to take place at around 3PM EST on July 20 and includes a skin of its own.

The free Banners can only be obtained via gifting, so you’ll be a friend’s help. You can also ask for help on subreddits like FortniteBR.

To close out, Epic tells us all fans that they hope to expand this functionality to other cosmetics in the future. The future will also holds a plethora of other cosmetic content including Fortnite World Cup gear and emotes.

We’d love to see the ability to use our Banners in conjunction with vehicles or weapons. Of course, that’ll have to wait a little longer while Epic prepares for the launch of FWC activities and the arrival of Season 10. What cosmetics would you like to see your Banner plastered onto?

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