The Baller has quickly become plane 2.0 as competitive players bounce off each other while using The Baller to rotate endgame.

Fans of competitive Fortnite will remember with disdain the plane meta from Season 7 where pros would opt to stay in the sky instead of actually entering engagements or building on the ground.

Now The Baller is causing those exact same issues. In many competitive late games the majority of the lobby is inside a ball and they are difficult for players without balls to deal with.

Sure you can try to take down there 300 health or maybe trap them in a box and destroy the ball that way, but that just doesn’t seem to be happening in actuality.

Here’s a clip posted by Jaksve21 that shows what the last circles look like when playing in Gauntlet matches with a relatively high rank:

100 pts engame btw… from r/FortniteCompetitive

It’s so absurd it should have the Benny Hill Theme Song playing over the top as all The Ballers go flying around.

There was an issue with The Ballers today that had Epic temporarily disable them. Some pro players reacted with happiness as these late games wouldn’t happen for a little while.

According to Epic, the vehicle was disabled for “stability issues.” Other pros thought that meant a nerf might be coming to improve Gauntlet games but The Baller was re-enabled in about an hour with no glaring changes to how it operates.

The solution to these continued problems still seems simple. A ranked mode would be the easiest way to keep interesting and fun items/vehicles like The Baller without them totally breaking competitive play. Even just simply disabling The Baller in the Gauntlet seems like it would be an easy and effective solution.

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