Ballatw doesn’t think that Fortnite pros have the right mentality.

Arten ‘Ballatw‘ Esa is one of the most respected analysts and casters in Fortnite. He’s done his homework to become one of the most knowledgeable commentators in the game, regularly hosting VoD reviews for his fans and the competitive community.

On February 3, Balla took aim at professional Fortnite players via Twitter. He shared a clip of Thorin discussing the ‘Mamba Mentality’ during a CSGO cast. Balla claimed that this mentality “seems to be completely missing in Fortnite.” The context is that a lot of pro players are skipping DreamHack Anaheim because it’s too much of a “risk.”

Balla went on to clarify his statements in a follow-up tweet. “This was not referencing people who don’t have the financial means. Please don’t take stupid risks,” he said. “I’m talking about pros who have turned down invites, or clearly have the means to get to tournaments, but choose not to.”

“They make up excuses like I listed, they get caught up in the stream numbers, or lose the love to trying to be the BEST,” Balla continued. “You unfortunately can’t prove you’re the best sitting at home. Only people you’re proving it to is youtube clickbait, and gullible people.”

Fortnite pro Jonathan ‘Yung Calculator’ Weber played devil’s advocate in a response to Balla’s first tweet. ” You realize how complex bringing your own PC and s*** like that is. I agree some people just aren’t grinders but calling people out for not going to DreamHack Anaheim is really dumb,” he said.

Balla responded, further clarifying his take on the issue. “Valid excuse for plenty – not the pros who are SIGNED, AND for who the expense would be negligible in comparison to their earnings.”

Ballatw continued to like, retweet, and respond to his replies. His opinion is clear: he wants to see professional Fortnite players compete at the highest level.

It appears as though Balla is looking out for the health of Fortnite as an esport while a lot of pro players are looking out for themselves. You can’t fault either of them, here. It’s just the way things are. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.