There’s no debate that the average age of esports players is quite young but the World Cup shows just how young.

To even compete in the event you must be 13 years old – unless you sign to FaZe first (jk) – and the upper age has no limit.

Still, the average age of esports competitors no matter the game usually hovers around the early 20s and top players in their late 20s are few and far between.

Fortnite’s competitive scene especially has some young players who have proven themselves among the best.

Jerrakos took the time to compile all the qualified player’s ages to give us some interesting data about the people who will be competing in New York in just over a month.

There are three players who qualified at the minimum age of 13: CODE NICKSSS, k1ng iwnl-, Lyght

The top end of the age range was just 24. That’s truly incredible when you think about the players who could have qualified. Only two players are even 24: CLG psalm and WBG Rhux.

Age Analysis of Solo World Cup Qualifiers from r/FortniteCompetitive

Just under 17 years old! That seems absolutely crazy to me. Only 9 of the solo players qualified can even drink legally.

There are a couple reasons why these ages are so young. To start, high schoolers just generally have much more free time. Their classes aren’t as difficult and they have less things vying for their attention than someone in college.

Still, the people with the most time to the game are streamers and they are usually at least 18 years old so that isn’t the whole reason.

The second key factor is reaction time. That is the reason cited for why players struggle when they reach their upper 30s and the ability to move quickly is so crucial in Fortnite.

Quick edits are one of the skills most associated with the best players and it makes sense that younger players are going to be better at building and edits.

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