Mitch Reames

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A recreation of Star Lord’s Dance-off scene in Fortnite

With Avenger's Endgame recently becoming one of the biggest movies of all time, the Marvel universe is finally...

A breakdown of all the different ways to do 90s in Fortnite

One of the most important high-level building skills is the ability to do 90s.

How to experience the Nexus event if you missed it

For many people, the slow anticipation building towards the Nexus event never came together because the event never...

What to expect from Fortnite’s Season 9

The major event Fortnite has been building towards happened, and now it is time to ask: What's next?

Epic is looking into an option to disable pre-edits

One of the competitive communities biggest issues may be undergoing a fix.Pre-edits are...

Epic provides more details about prize pool payouts

In a rare second community update today, Epic Games released more information about how Fortnite players are paid....

Meet the 15-year-old who qualified for both the solo and duos Fortnite World Cup

NRG Benjyfishy is one of the best players in the world right now and he proved it by...

The best reactions from people who qualified for the Fortnite World Cup

Winning money feels good. Winning money that gives you the chance to win much, much more money feels...

How to figure out what weapon/item to vote for in the Nexus event

With the Nexus event happening soon, players will have the option to vote on one of six new...

The Reboot Van is back in action for competitive playlists

An undisclosed bug had Epic disable the Reboot Van for about a week in competitive playlists.