Mitch Reames

Mitch is a writer who used to be a sports broadcaster. When not playing or writing about Fortnite he also plays too much Rocket League and Hearthstone. You can see more of Mitch's work by following his Twitter @Mitch_Reames. Feel free to pitch stories you want to see him cover by tweeting at him or sending him a DM.

Epic outlines reason for removing turbo building – and they actually make some sense

Epic kicked off another update day with outrage, this time it was turbo building which was reverted back to the 0.15 second...
Kevin the Cube Fortnite skin

Leaked loading screens show the return of Kevin the Cube is coming soon

Kevin the Cube marked a beautiful period of Fortnite, and the mystical purple cube is set to come back soon.

TSM’s Myth had a hilarious reaction to Fortnite removing Turbo Build

Ali 'Myth' Kabanni first became famous in Fortnite for his insane building skills during the first few seasons of the game.

Ninja blasts Donald Trump for comments about violent video games

Video games have been getting a lot of mainstream media attention, and most of it hasn't been good.

Fortnite update v10.20 release time announced – what to expect

It's almost Patch Notes time, the best time of the week in Fortnite and the v10.20 update promises to be a good...

Tfue’s lawyer calls parts of FaZe Clan’s lawsuit against Tfue “Laughable”

The drama between FaZe Clan and Tfue isn't going away any time soon, but Tfue's lawyer says FaZe may have thrown the...

This Junk Rift tip will help you get every Supply Drop you see

Fortnite is all about the loot and this tip uses the Junk Rift to help you get access to some of the...

DrLupo is the new face of Rogue after signing deal with ReKTGlobal

ReKTGlobal, the parent company of Rogue, has announced a multi-year deal with Benjamin 'DrLupo' Lupo. The deal will...

The default skins have some flashy new icons after the last patch

While 'default' has often become an insult in the Fortnite community, those skins hold fond memories in people's minds.

Where the Rift Beacon is going next – Risky Reels, Salty Springs and more

While we don't know what the Rift Beacon is being caused by, we can identify a pattern in locations that will help...