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Fortnite Chapter 2 Week 7-9 challenges leaked

The Fortnite v11.20 update included game files for three weeks of challenges. Take a look at what's coming next to Fortnite Chapter 2.

5 biggest requests from the Fortnite community

Fortnite has improved immensely with the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, although there are still some common requests from the community.
Fortnite Junk Rift Supply Drop

Epic responds to Fortnite Supply Drop bug

Some Fortnite players have experienced a peculiar Supply Drop bug that leaves them without any loot. Epic has responded to these complaints.

‘No new content’ – how Epic spoiled the Fortnite community

Epic Games has spoiled the Fortnite community, leading to backlash during Fortnite Chapter 2.

Is ‘Winter Royale duos’ the next Fortnite tournament?

Rumors say that a Fortnite Winter Royale duos competition that could be on the horizon. Is there anything to the Winter Royale 2019 rumors?

New Fortnite exploit allows you to see through walls

We've seen a lot of Fortnite exploits come and go, but this one is on another level. You can now create invisible walls in Fortnite.

Under-used strategy lets you build through walls in Fortnite

In the box-fighting meta of Fortnite, any exploit you can use to gain an advantage is fair game. This Fortnite strategy lets you build a ramp through an opponent's wall.

Pro players furious over Fortnite Champion Series issues

The Fortnite Champion Series for Fortnite Chapter 2 has had its issues. Pro players participating in the competition have had enough.

Next Fortnite update will enhance GPU support

The new Fortnite update, set to release this week, will add GPU support for PC players to improve performance.

When will the Bandage Bazooka return to Fortnite?

The Bandage Bazooka has been missing in Fortnite for about a week and a half. When will it be coming back?