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How to remove the ammo reticle in Fortnite

The recent addition of the ammo reticle in Fortnite has largely been a flop for most Fortnite players. Here's how you can disable the feature and some considerations you should make before you do.

Leaked updates point to the next LTMs coming to Fortnite

Several LTMs received updates during a recent patch. We have already seen two of them, which leaves four upcoming Fortnite LTMs that should be here soon.

Fortnite item suggestion improves on the Bandage Bazooka

One Fortnite fan has suggested a legendary variant of the Bandage Bazooka. This suggestion could drastically increase the number of healing items we have.

These Fortnite tips help you carry extra items

There are two ways to carry extra items in Fortnite. One involves a Harpoon Gun and the other is the result of an exploit.

Fortnite pro Mongraal accused of stream sniping via coach in FNCS

FaZe Mongraal and his Fortnite squad have been accused of being fed information by their coach in the Fortnite Champion Series. A new video shows the interaction.

How to find the hidden ‘E’ location for Fortnite ‘Dive’

Fortnite week 8 is almost here, which presents the last letter in the FORTNITE sequence. Find the hidden 'E' location here.
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Why controller players should switch shotguns to the 1 slot

Keyboard and mouse players have several advantages over controller players. Here's one way the latter group can even the score a bit.

This simple trick lets you avoid fall damage in Fortnite

This mechanic may save your life if your structure breaks beneath you. Here's how to avoid fall damage in Fortnite.

How to work around the controller issues in Fortnite Creative Mode

Are you having to press 'build' twice in Fortnite Creative Mode? Here's how to work around the issue.

Epic Games Creative Director Donald Mustard hacked on Twitter

Hacker collective 'Chuckling Squad' has hacked and taken over the Twitter account of Fortnite Creative Director, Donald Mustard.