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Fortnite Chapter 2 leaked loading screens week 1 to 3

Fortnite Chapter 2 Weeks 1-3 loading screens leaked

As with every Fortnite update, there are loads of leaks that come and getting a whole new chapter is nothing different as upcoming load...

Fortnite black hole numbers potentially decoded as Visitor message

Four numbers were revealed in the black hole of Fortnite upon conclusion of the Season 10 event and fans were baffled. Now...
Fortnite Season 10 the end lobby

What Fortnite Season 10’s live event looked like from the lobby

The End came to Fortnite as the game has essentially been wiped from existence and while everyone was watching the event in-game,...
fortnite blackhole social media

Fortnite Season 10 end results in sudden social media blackout

The conclusion of the Season 10 live event resulted in a complete blackout across all of Fortnite's social media channels.
Fortnite Creative Rust

Fortnite Creative map flawlessly recreates Modern Warfare 2’s “Rust”

This Fortnite Creative map expertly brings the fan-favorite Modern Warfare 2 map "Rust" to the game and it'll blow you away.
Fortnite Skill-based matchmaking faze thiefs

FaZe Thiefs claims Fortnite is being “ruined” by skill-based matchmaking

The implementation of skill-based matchmaking has been met with a mixed reception in Fortnite so far, with FaZe Clan member Nicholas 'Thiefs'...

Fortnite devs respond to Out of Time mission rewards glitch

When Season 10 was extended until October 13, Epic Games introduced the Out of Time challenges, but some players are running into...
Fortnite map goodbye

Bittersweet Fortnite trailer waves goodbye to the map as we know it

All evidence is pointing towards Season 11 getting a brand new map, and players are already paying their respects to the current...

Are boats coming in Fortnite Season 11?

A new Fortnite Chapter 2 leaked image shows evidence of boats, which has us wondering how they would work in the game...
Fortnite Bunker unbreakable season 11

Fortnite players worried the unbreakable hatch will never be explained

With Fortnite Season 11 right on the horizon and rumors flying about a new map, players are wondering if the unbreakable hatch...