Eli Becht

Writer for FortniteIntel. You can find him on Twitter @elibecht

The TV’s in Fortnite are warning players of an impending storm

There's a Winter Weather Advisory in Fortnite. It looks like a huge ice storm is about to occur in the world of Fortnite. Players are reporting...

A recent Fortnite hack allowed hackers to listen to your in-game conversations

Big Brother may have been listening in on your Fortnite conversations. Fortnite players were exposed to hackers who had the option to control your accounts...

Report: Fortnite topped all free-to-play games with an insane amount of revenue in 2018

Fortnite brought in a whopping amount of cash in 2018. It's no surprise Fortnite made a lot of money in 2018 but it might be...
Fortnite Polar Peaks Orb

Spectrometer reveals the Fortnite ‘Ice King’ in the Polar Peak Orb

A Reddit user has revealed a secret the orb was holding with a spectrometer. With the latest 7.20 update coming to Fortnite there were numerous...
Fortnite Super Bowl Block

Fortnite’s Block will be football-themed during Super Bowl weekend

The NFL Fortnite Block Party is coming. Fortnite's creative mode was announced during The Game Awards 2018 and it proved to be very popular among...

The new Fortnite patch made your ammo look a lot different

New patch, new ammo. A big Fortnite update dropped earlier today and with it came many changes to the game. While most players will be focused...
Sneaky Snowman Fortnite

LEAK: Portable ‘Sneaky Snowman’ possibly coming to Fortnite

Do you wanna build a snowman? We knew Epic Games was talking about reworking the Bush cosmetic in some way and it looks like we...
Fortnite Medieval Sword

New leak suggests a medieval sword is coming to Fortnite

Just when you thought it was gone. The latest patch just debuted in Fortnite which means the floodgates have been opened for datamines. One datamine that...

This new Fortnite trap concept could create major problems with your loadout

Imagine thinking you're going to pull your sniper out but out came a chug jug. Looking at Fortnite concepts on Reddit tends to be hit...

Could ‘The Safe’ Fortnite concept rival Supply Drops?

Crack the safe and you get a Legendary item. Epic Games has always shown a willingness to introduce new items into Fortnite. With the inclusion of...