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Dakotaz and High Distortion Treasure Chest Fortnite Season 8

How to use Fortnite Treasure Maps

Fortnite's v8.01 patch introduced Treasure Maps into the game that allow players to get some great loot if they follow the map.

Full map of all Fortnite Respawn Van locations in Season 8

Since the start of Season 8, Fortnite players have been seeing mysterious vans that are thought to be Respawn Vans. Here are...
Fork Knife Instadeath Fortnite tile

Fortnite’s Fork Knife area results in instadeath, Epic working on a fix

Fortnite embraced the meme with a fork and knife spot on the map but now there's a bug that results in players...

Fortnite Marshmello skin owners are getting free loading screens

The past week for Marshmello skin owners has been rough so Epic Games is rewarding players with the skin with a free...

Become the Infinity Blade with this new Fortnite Jump Pad bug

If you played Fortnite back when the Infinity Blade was in the game, you probably don't have fond memories of it. This...
Xbox One S Fortnite Edition

Microsoft reportedly launching disc-less Xbox One S and Fortnite Edition

Those looking to go fully digital with their next console might want to take a look at this rumored disc-less Xbox One...

Fortnite audio needs fixing and this concept could certainly help

Audio is very important in Fortnite and these minor, but significant, changes could make a world of difference for you.

When does Fortnite Season 8 end and Fortnite Season 9 start?

Fortnite Season 8 has just begun but players are already looking to when it ends.Fortnite gets a...
Fortnite Season Themes

Top 5 Fortnite season themes we want to see

Season 8 has only just begun in Fortnite but let's take a look into the future and talk about potential seasons that...
Fortnite Epic Storm Juice Concept

This crazy Storm concept could be an awesome Fortnite LTM

If the storm in Fortnite closed in as a different shape rather than a circle would you be interested?